An Inexpensive Way to Lower Utility Bills

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If you are looking for a simple and economical way to lower utility bills due to high energy costs, the solution is simpler than you think. Just make your home more energy efficient by blocking any drafts that you might be experiencing through your windows or doors. An inexpensive draft blocker will solve your problem.

A draft is a flow of air that enters through gaps around windows and doors. Gaps commonly occur as a home ages and settles, but they can also be the result of improper installation. Common areas where drafts occur are basement, attic and garage windows and doors, along window sills and along the bottom of doors that lead to the exterior.

Consumers are always looking for ways to conserve energy and lead to lower utility bills, , especially as the United States Department of Energy estimates that the typical family of four spends $1900 a year on home utility bills. Sadly, a large amount of this cost is simply wasted as the home is not energy efficient.

One way to lower utility bills is to evaluate your windows. While they offer an attractive view, they can also be the culprit of wasted energy. In fact, poorly insulated windows can increase your utility bills by 10% to 25% because air from inside seeps in and air from your home goes out the small openings.

By paying attention to a doorway you can significantly lower utility bills. There is a gap between the threshold and the bottom of the door, and the air seeping through this gap creates a costly leak. A draft blocker should be placed here and beneath any exterior entry doorways.

During cold weather months, drafts cause your heating system to work longer and harder. In the warm weather season, your homes air conditioning system gets the brunt of the work to keep pace with hot air drafts coming in from windows and doors. These situations result in higher utility bills. But preventing year round drafts can reduce your energy costs by up to 25% a year.

The draft blocker, also known as draft stopper or door snake, is a very effective product. It is made from a very strong material such as polypropylene and has an insulating fill. The standard item measures about 3" x 42" but is flexible enough to fit anywhere. Most custom sized doors or windows can be treated with no adhesives required and little maintenance. Your cost outlay can be small but savings can be substantial.

These days we're all being encouraged to make energy efficiencies and to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and gas. A byproduct of this initiative is also welcome -- the lower utility bill. 

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An Inexpensive Way to Lower Utility Bills

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This article was published on 2010/04/01