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Underground utility mapping using advanced technologies is the need of the day. There are utility pipes like water, gas, power, telephone cable, sewers, etc below the surface. Anywhere you plan to dig up for construction or other projects, you are likely to encounter pipes of various kinds. If you lead a construction service, utilities service, etc, you will know the importance of having accurate data of underground utility lines.

It is legally required to contact a utility marking office before undertaking any digging or drilling related projects. The information that you may have could be false, outdated and even prove costly. This is because; such available maps can be plans of underground utility lines that didn't materialize. There are also possibilities of maintenance, repair and modifications that are not updated in the maps. In such cases, accuracy of utility maps is almost zero.

Digging into a utility line can cost you money. Avoiding the places marked in the map can also be costly. There is one solution for this problem. Technology-aided utility locating techniques are available today.

Now we have the services of professional companies offering the most detailed underground mapping solutions. They produce both 2D and 3D maps, helping you locate the utility lines as they are. This way, you don't have to rely on information on outdated maps. The scope of such underground mapping can range from a building construction site to the whole city. There are even advanced tools and methodologies that can identify utility lines running under highways and buildings.

Electromagnetic, acoustic, ground penetrating radar, live-line detector, etc are technologies and techniques in use. There is a need of separate techniques to identify metal, plastic, concrete, ceramic and fiber optic components. With the equipments connected to GPS (Global Positioning System) tools, the data can be converted to 3D or 2D maps as needed. It doesn't take much time. Color coding also provides detailed information on the kind of utility lines present in any area.

The utility mapping data can be added to designs and plans. It saves a significant amount of headache. Otherwise, you will be liable for damaged utility lines, unwanted delays and avoidable expenses. It helps businesses comply with updated regulations regarding health and safety procedures. A good understanding of closed geographical sites is also beneficial.

Utility locating is one area, where you can benefit from the services of an underground mapping company. The expertise of the company in providing maps of underground utilities and ability to present the data in easily usable format are important.

The benefits your company plans to get include an enhanced detail of underground structures, pipes and lines. Cost reduction and safety are prime considerations. The geophysical technologies are advanced to new levels. You can get mapping of the underground utility lines with clear marking of concrete pipes, electricity lines, sewers, cables, etc.

Underground utility mapping has come a long way. Although it is mandatory to contact the authorities before drilling or digging, the underground utility mapping can give you better control over your construction process. Overlooking utility locating and underground mapping technologies can cost you money, time and resources.

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Underground Utility Mapping to Save Time and Resources - Business

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This article was published on 2010/04/02