Utility Sheds - 10 Tips to Get Better Storage Out of Utility Sheds

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Utility Sheds can be fun and functional storage additions to your backyard. They are actually one of the most popular types of storage sheds today. They are popular because they offer both affordable and valuable storage that can keep you organized, free of clutter, and protect your important items. You have multiple choices that include kits, prefabricated units, or custom contractor units. You can access detailed information about your options without leaving your computer. Here are some highlights to consider.

1. Utility sheds that are too small will leave you with clutter in your garage or yard. At the other end of the rainbow you are losing money when you overbuild. The idea is find the size that meets all your storage needs.

2. Locate your storage utility shed as close to the area where you will use what is inside. For instance if you are storing pool supplies you would want to be near the water and not on the other side of your yard.

3. There are very plain and simple utility sheds that will meet your needs. On the other hand there are very stylish and creative sheds that are just as functional. The point is that you can have the best of both worlds with some thoughtful planning.

4. Utility Storage Sheds have shapes that can be boxy, multi-sided, or two story but the one feature that contrasts a shed is the roof. The shape and style of the roof can alter the overall appearance of the shed. There are peaked, low pitched, and hangover roofs that can be covered with wood shingles, composite shingles or tile.

5. Interior layout is a design function too. You do not want to move bicycles, lawnmowers, or snow blowers every time you want to access the rear of your shed. Plan your space to hold all your storage items and leave you room to move.

6. Double doors installed on utility sheds are more able to facilitate simple ingress and egress for large equipment or powered machines. Workbenches take up space but can house tools below and above that hold replacement drill bits, sandpaper, and oil for your equipment.

7. Partitions can divide a space to increase functionality. Pay attention to the way doors open and the location and size of windows. Window space on a wall takes away space to hang items but allows natural light into the room.

8. The efficient use of hooks, straps, shelves, benches, bins and the area under and above a workbench will organize and open your shed. Pegboard is a versatile platform with moveable metal hooks to hold everything from jars to tools.

9. Have fun designing the exterior landscape and decorations. The right outdoor lights can also be bug repellants. Strategically situated trellises covered in vines are a fine idea. Ceramic frogs or trolls, crafted birdhouses, melodic wind chimes and some weather beaten outdoor furniture can create an inviting aura outside your utility shed.

10. Your utility shed can look like a miniature cottage in the woods, a bright red barn, or reflect your imagination and creativity. Spend a lot of time online browsing through pictures of sheds of others and you will discover that you are only limited by your budget and imaginative vision.

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Utility Sheds - 10 Tips to Get Better Storage Out of Utility Sheds

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This article was published on 2010/04/14